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The demands of No Child Left Behind can stretch schools (and school people) to the breaking point. One thing is clear: in order for every child to move ahead, no school can stay rooted in practices of a bygone era. No one person has the knowledge, time or talents to tackle all the challenges of learning in a digital age. Yet the human and technical resources to get the job done exist all around us. Information Technology for Learning shows in clear, practical language how to connect your human and technology resources for success. By forming Information & Technology (I&T) Teams at the building level, incorporating the Big6™ Skills (a proven information-based problem solving process), and harnessing the power of Information Technology to support good teaching, good learning becomes possible for everyone: students, teachers, administrators and the community.

Is our teaching effective? Who's being left behind? Which skills must our teachers master next, in order to help students move ahead? How can we prepare students for mandated assessments without tunnel-vision teaching-to-the-test? How can we begin to collect benefit from the dollars we've invested in education technology? How are we going to get the money, the time, and the talented people we need to sustain improvement?

Questions like these are the fuel that propels I&T Teams at schools where IT works in service of learning. Meeting the challenges of No Child Left Behind is fundamentally an information-based problem. The people with the expertise to address this problem are already at your school: the principal, library/media specialist, lead teachers and technical specialists. As in sports, each position has a specific job, but no matter how skilled the person is at their job, they will never have a championship team unless every player understands the roles of the other players and how they relate to each other. Information Technology for Learning is a practical guide to building the relationships and expertise required to thrive in 21st Century learning environments. Click here for excerpts.

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About the author: Ferdi Serim is an internationally acclaimed Internet Pioneer who has applied three decades of teaching to the task of developing contemporary literacy in the digital age. He co-founded the Online Internet Institute, a well-regarded source for moving vision into practice. As Associate of the Thornburg Center for Professional Development, board member of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) and editor of the Big6 eNewsletter, his perspective on effective uses of educational technology informs education leaders. Ferdi, author of NetLearning: Why Teachers Use The Internet and From Computers to Community: Unlocking the Potentials of the Wired Classroom, presents keynotes and seminars throughout the US as well as internationally. For more information, email the Thornburg Center for Professional Development or visit the Thornburg Center website.