Filtering Issues

On Nov. 3, 2000 we found out that OII was being blocked by an Internet filter. After some digging, we found that CyberPatrol client software and all of the OEM versions that they license for firewall and proxy servers were blocking us. What followed was a three month investigation that revealed some disturbing facts that led me to believe that filters are far less effective than the filtering companies would lead us to believe, and probably even less effective than some of filtering's most vocal critics believe.

Filtergate - OII Blocked by CyberPatrol
May Issue Multimedia Schools Magazine
Covers from November 2000 to March 2001

A Chronology of Events from March to Present

Controlling Internet Content Won't Work
While I was on my soap box, Rich Tramontana was taking a more
scholarly look at the history of the filter issues and legislation

We Need Your Help!
Report the Blockage of a Site that Should Not Be Blocked

Cast your vote in the Filtering Follies
Which of our five candidates will walk away with the honors?

OII's Position on Filtering


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